Cooling & Heat Reclaim System Package

Custom Prefabricated Heat Transfer Systems

Custom self contained process system

Custom self contained process system

Furlong Industrial Systems has a long history of building made-to-order solutions for industrial cooling needs. When you purchase your prefabricated heat transfer system from Furlong Industrial Systems, you’ve purchased much more than just a system. You’ve purchased the knowledge and expertise that comes from many years of industrial heat transfer system design, implementation, and service.

We pride ourselves on designing industrial heat transfer systems to meet your specific requirements rather than adapting a generic system to approximate your needs. We take the time to ask the important questions that ensure that the system we design is the right system for your industry requirements, load diversity and redundancy needs. And most importantly, we build our systems to fit within your budget.

Our system experts can also evaluate your existing heat transfer system and provide suggestions for updates tailored to your needs. We’ll work with you on making additions or modifications that complement and enhance your existing system while ensuring that future maintenance can easily be performed by your maintenance staff using readily available parts.

Call us today for a free consultation, and see how Furlong Industrial Systems can help your business keep its cool!

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